Best Estrogen Blocker for Men

What is Estrogen?

This is typically attributed to women, but it does play an important role in men’s health. Too much or too little can leave men with specific risks when they are aged 40 and above.

In the younger individual, the function of estrogen in males plays a crucial role in modulating a man’s libido, his erectile function, and the spermatogenesis. All of the receptors involved are found in the brain, penis and in the testicles.

EstrogenAll being said, it is essential for men to have some estrogen, so blocking it all together will lead to other problems.

Estrogen in men is vital for bone health and cardiovascular health. It is also a crucial hormone for mood and brain function, so, maintaining the correct levels are essential.

What are the Symptoms of High Estrogen Levels?

As men age their testosterone levels reduce and are replaced by estrogen. The effects of estrogen on male body can show in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Increased abdominal fat (belly fat)effects of estrogen on male body
  • Increased fatty tissue around nipples (man breasts/ boobs)
  • Tiredness
  • Low libido, decreased erectile function
  • Lower levels of muscle mass
  • Anxiety, Depression and emotional disturbances
  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), enlarged prostate and urinary tract problems

When you look at all the above symptoms, some can be fought by a healthy diet. Eating healthy, and getting plenty of exercise is something all men should be doing once they reach the age when estrogen levels can climb.

Testosterone and estrogen are very similar in construction, and the most potent form in men being Estradiol. This is synthesized from the man’s testosterone by the aromatase enzyme.

As testosterone and estrogen are so similar, it only takes these enzymes a little effort to convert testosterone to estrogen at a much higher rate. This enzyme can also be increased in the male body due to a poor diet and bad lifestyle habits.

When this happens, the enzyme goes into overdrive converting testosterone into estrogen.

Stress is also another factor in the increase of the enzyme. Not all stress is from work or worry, it can even come from bad diet, lack of sleep, over exercising trying to remove stubborn belly fat.

This body fat around the waist can be a factor in the rise of estrogen because this is what the fat creates.

If you are showing signs of this middle-aged spread, there is a high chance you will result in higher estrogen levels.

There is one other area which can be a contributory factor in increased estrogen levels. These are known as xenoestrogens or endocrine disruptors and are chemicals which are found in personal care products, plastics and many other areas of the environment around us.

All of these can have an estrogen-like effect on the bodily hormones or aid in increasing the aromatase enzyme which you don’t want.

This is what leads to the above symptoms and the chances of strokes, diabetes, prostate cancer and the overall likelihood of dying increasing.

Now all the outside assistance can be found in the products below, but which estrogen blocker is the best for you?

Top 5 Estrogen blockers

1. MAN Sports Nolvadren XT Testosterone Booster for Men

This supplement is an effective testosterone booster and estrogen blocker which has been a popular favorite for a great number of years. As it is in capsule form, it is easy to administer and to take the correct dosage.

Two capsules in the morning are all that is required. While it might appear to not cover a full month (each bottle has 56 capsules) this is done for a reason.

MAN Sports Nolvadren XT Testosterone Booster for MenMan Sports recommend taking these aromatase inhibitors for eight weeks and then taking at least four weeks off due to the effectiveness of the product.

Although geared towards athletes, it does as it states and regulates estrogen and cortisol which are the key problem areas.


  • Easy to calculate dosage
  • Contains proven ingredients
  • Can offer strength gains
  • Complete cortisol control
  • Physique hardening effects – builds lean muscle mass
  • Blocks estrogen
  • Helps with fat loss
  • Money back guarantee


  • Might cause joint issues – joint dryness
  • Can induce abnormal hormone levels
  • Can cause temper or irritable symptoms
  • Reduces Estradiol to the extent of deficiency – can lead to bone problems
  • Slightly expensive when compared to some other products

2. Muscle Phase Death Wish Post Cycle

This supplement is made in the USA and has been thoroughly tested. It comes with liver support and is fast acting and is an all-natural post cycle.

It offers extreme muscle so it can help replace reduced muscle mass and control all the body’s hormone levels.

Muscle Phase Death Wish Post CycleThis is another supplement which is easy to administer, and two capsules with a glass of water are all that is needed.

The company also recommend long-term use should be between 4 – 8 weeks before taking a break.

One of the major draws to this best dim supplement is the price compared to other products of a similar nature. As the product has been thoroughly tested, it is rare for something to be offered at a very reasonable price.

What is all the more interesting is they have included two crucial minerals to prevent deficiencies from setting in from using this product.

The product might have a couple of ingredients which are ineffective, however, on the whole, it performs as it should with no side effects.


  • Comes with added Zinc and Magnesium
  • No adverse side effects
  • Controls testosterone and estrogen levels
  • Proven lab results
  • Money back guarantee
  • Guaranteed hormone free
  • Great value for money


  • Some ingredients are ineffective
  • Lacks core nutrients
  • Not to be taken under certain conditions – prostate hypertrophy, liver disease, kidney or heart disease

3. PE Science Erase Pro+ Hardening Agent Capsules

This estrogen blocker supplement now comes with a new ingredient KSM-66® brand premium Ashwagandha. This has been tested and been found to treat numerous conditions along with having excellent hormonal support.

PE Science Erase Pro+ Hardening Agent CapsulesBoth testosterone and cortisol are well catered for as cortisol is often overlooked. This product, although being useful for stabilizing estrogen, is actually produced to raise testosterone for athletes benefits as it’s primary purpose.

As with many others, the supplement requires two capsules to be taken with the first meal of the day.

Unlike a lot of other similar products, it can be used as a standalone product, that being said it is ideal when being stacked with other supplements for optimal results. When this is done a 30 day period (cycle) of usage before taking a break should be followed.


  • Contains the highest levels of KSM-66® brand premium Ashwagandha
  • Help reduce water retention and bloating
  • Effective Testosterone booster
  • Can help increase libido when used correctly
  • Hormone and Cortisol support
  • Increased energy and strength gains


  • Can dry out joints
  • Can be a little expensive
  • It has limited applications
  • Libido can drop if estrogen levels fall too low

4. ANDROSURGE Estrogen Blocker for Men

Natural estrogen blockers are often made with increasing testosterone rather than reducing estrogen.

Androsurge is slightly different because it is a scientifically dosed supplement which is non-proprietary and is actually geared to lowering estrogen levels.

ANDROSURGE Estrogen Blocker for MenWhile it does this, it can also increase testosterone in a natural manner. This optimizes these levels which bring lean muscle mass growth and fat loss.

The company also promotes an increase in overall inner-confidence, reduction in stress and a much-needed boost in sex-drive.

As a leading product in this market sector Androsurge has plenty of potential, and as with many products, it isn’t perfect and could benefit from a couple of formula tweaks.

This being said though, it is better than some products costing much more and the ingredients are all natural which is never a bad thing.

A sign of this is the lack of this dim supplement side effects, so this means you can, in theory, use it for extended periods without a break.


  • No proprietary blend – all natural and scientifically dosed
  • Strong formula – helps increase muscle mass while burning fat
  • Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Reputable company
  • Restores lost energy, vitality, and libido
  • Money back guarantee
  • Controls estrogen levels
  • Naturally boosts testosterone
  • Contains Zinc and Vitamin D


  • Not as convenient to take as other products
  • Needs to be taken twice per day
  • Expensive when compared to equivalent products

5. Estroblock Pro Triple Strength

The Delgado Protocol for Health which is the company which manufactures Estroblock Pro Triple Strength claim the product is free of dairy, gluten, stearates, phosphates, animal products and any synthetic compounds.

This should make it entirely natural, and as the company also promotes, it is the most potent on the market.

Estroblock Pro Triple StrengthAs their ingredients are not disclosed in full, these claims need to be taken at face value.

However, they have been through clinical trials and had research performed for safety in human consumption.

With this, this supplement can be taken for extended periods with no signs of side effects compared to other products. This, unfortunately, carries with it a higher price tag than many other alternatives.

The diindolylmethane dosage (Dim supplement) for Estroblock Pro Triple Strength is one capsule twice per day with meals. Although not as easy as two capsules in the morning, it is still easy to administer.


  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Helps to boost overall energy levels
  • Promotes a healthy prostate
  • Improves libido levels
  • Prevents estrogen dominance
  • Helps to clear acne in both men and women
  • Helps fight against external estrogens from pesticides among others
  • Can be taken by men and women


  • The ingredients are in a proprietary blend
  • Expensive
  • Results might be slow

Next Steps

All of the above supplements can be effective for high estrogen treatment while raising testosterone levels.

They should not be looked at as an overall solution to high estrogen levels as you get older.

bodyweight exercisesThere is the question of healthy diet, and in the case of reduced muscle mass, there is still a need for bodyweight exercises.

No supplement will give you, or replace muscle mass if you don’t put the work in. With any supplement, these are only the tools to enable you to perform what you need to fix these problem areas.

When you search how to lower estrogen in men you will quickly see the market for this type of product is enormous, and with any supplement, the suppliers must be reliable as there are fake manufacturers who wish to capitalize on the number of individuals who are seeking a wonder solution.

The best natural testosterone booster is the one you feel most at ease with taking. Some of the above might be too much and have side effects which make problems worse than ones you are aiming to solve.

Any supplement you decide to take should contain one supplement or compound which is shown to help control estrogen levels in men.

This is done through liver detoxification and is carried out by Diindolylmethane or DIM as an abbreviated form which is the concentrated form of an ingredient found in broccoli.

No matter which ones you aim for, entirely natural supplements or ones which do have some synthesized compounds.

Most are quite expensive, however, if they produce the results which you are seeking? This can be a price which is well worth paying when you know your health is being catered for.

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