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What are the best pre workout drinks?

Pre workout drinks versus pre workout pills

Pre workout protein pills are a relatively recent addition to the fitness industry. The supplements were originally sold as powder.

Each mode of consumption has its unique advantages which may or may not appeal to you depending on your particular lifestyle / taste.

The best features of capsules:

  • Portability: The biggest advantage of capsules over workout shakes is that they are far easier to carry around, making it ideal for those who work out on the go and cannot be bothered with carrying around a bottle of shake.

Liquid nutrition before your workout

The drawbacks of capsules:

  • Firstly, supplement pills are covered in a coating that doesn’t get dissolved until it reaches your stomach, which is why you’ll have to wait for the effect to kick in.
  • Consuming supplements in the form of capsules has also been found to be several times more costly than consuming them in powdered form since their cost per serving is typically much greater than that of powder.
    Salient features of powder:
  • Powdered supplements can easily be mixed with other formulas to create a blend that suits your needs and tastes. For instance, you can mix several flavors of a particular brand to create a supplement that is both nutritious and tasty.
  • Powder shakes are readily absorbed after consumption (they should be taken with a sugary drink to further enhance this) so you can feel the boosting effects much quicker than in the case of protein pills.
  • Powdered supplements have a lower cost per serving so they’re better from an economical perspective.
    Drawbacks of powder:
  • Lack of portability: Powder has to be consumed in the form of a shake meaning you’ll certainly be carrying around a flask / bottle when you go for a workout.

What is best pre workout drink?

The most important factor that determines whether you are indeed drinking the best workout energy drink for you or not, is its efficiency.

The effectiveness of an energy drink is determined by the kind of ingredients present in it. Typically, you will need to have the following six ingredients present in your drink to make it highly effective:

  • Nutrients: If you don’t take adequate amount of calories (in the form of carbs and proteins) prior to your workout, you can think of yourself as a hybrid car without any gas in its tank. You won’t be able to go much farther no matter what else your supplement contains.
  • Strength boosters: Strength enhancers such as beta alanine and creatine provide you the temporary boost you need to kick of your regimen.
  • Energy boosters: These are either stimulants, brain enhancers or direct energy providers which enable you to work out for extended periods of time.
  • Pump boosters: These make your muscles look good by delivering nutrients and blood that helps them regrow.
  • Fat burners: These are ingredients which increase the utilization of stored fat as fuel for your body during your workout.
  • Brain boosters: These are necessary to make your brain sharp and focused during your exercise.

Of course, as you start out, it is recommended that you take smaller doses and work your way up – especially since a large dose all at once could cause an adverse reaction for you.

Furthermore, a good pre workout supplement will also be one that does not tax your wallet heavily – which is why you should generally avoid the high end ‘ultimate’ solutions at the beginning – work your way towards them as your keep on working out.

The ideal workout drink for women

Pre workout drinks for women

There are no major differences between drinks meant for women and those meant for men – at least in terms of the ingredients present.

However, there is the consideration that drinks targeted towards female athletes will contain lesser quantity of ingredients as compared to those for males.