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What are the Best Pre Workouts with Creatine?

Are you looking to get pumped at the gym and you need some information on good pre-workouts containing creatine?

Then look no further; this is the place for you. One question I hear all the time is ‘what are the best pre workout supplements with creatine?’

I’m going to answer that question for you in the next couple of minutes. I’ll give you a bit of background too and explain the benefits of creatine.

What is creatine?

Creatine is a supplement that promotes strength, size, and power and is found in lots of pre-workout energy supplements.

If you are looking to increase strength/size/power, then the best workout powders for you will contain creatine, simple as. It’s an organic compound produced naturally in the body. Taking in extra creatine ultimately results in increased storage of Creatine Phosphate in your muscle.

What does creatine do?

pre-workout energy supplementsCreatine plays a major part in the production of energy for high intensity, short duration exercise. By increasing the  creatine stores in your muscles, more energy would be available for intense exercise.

Having more energy available can result in an enhanced performance and therefore better results. Whether you are looking to gain muscle mass or perform better during your squat reps, you want creatine present in your pre workout. To impress fellow gym goers, you are going to need up your creatine game.

What levels of creatine do I need to consume?

I’ve read up on it, and it seems that consuming 4-10g daily will produce the desired results. It goes without saying that you want to choose a pre-workout supplement containing the highest levels of creatine.

What does creatine doMeat and fish also contain creatine, so it’s worth looking at the amount of ‘natural’ creatine you are already consuming. We consume about 1mg of creatine in our daily food intake.

This will better aid you in judging the amount of pre-work out you need to be consuming to hit that level.
Consuming too much creatine can result in an upset tummy, and I guarantee you don’t want to be risking a deep squat in that situation. So keep an eye on your intake to avoid any nasty gym mishaps.

Which one do I choose?

Now, this is ultimately up to you. The pre workout you choose will depend on the reason behind you taking the pre-workout in the first place. My opinions are formed by looking at which pre-workouts contain the highest levels of creatine.

This is based on the amount of creatine per scoop/serving. But remember each scoop and serving size will be different for each product.

So I’m going to tell you which pre-workout supplements containing creatine I think are the best. Because you didn’t ask me how much caffeine is in C4, did you? Pre Jym by Jym

1. Altius by Jacked Factory, containing 3mg of creatine per serving
2. Pre Jym by Jym, containing 2mg of creatine per serving
3. C4 by Cellucor, containing 1mg of creatine per serving

Each of these products is similarly priced, so cost isn’t your concern here. If I had to pick one of my top three, I’d go with Pre Jym by Jym. That’s based on taste because it comes in orange mango flavor and it’s tasty. But that’s me.

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