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Workouts at Home – Best Bodyweight Exercises

What are bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises are exercises which you don’t need free weights or weight machines to carry out. You use your own weight as “resistance.” This basically means that you don’t need any kit, and you use your own weight during these exercises to build up muscles, tone muscles and get fitter. Bodyweight exercises are things like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks. All these and more can be incorporated into a routine which works your whole body.

bodyweight exercisesWondering “why should I be doing bodyweight exercises?”. Well, here’s why; You can use these exercises to increase your strength, your power, and your endurance. They can also be used to increase coordination, flexibility, and balance. For those of you who are out to lose weight, they are some of the best exercises to lose weight and a great addition to your weight loss plan!

If you haven’t heard of bodyweight exercises, don’t worry – they haven’t always been a common thing. But, even professional athletes use them now, so if you are looking for an endorsement, then look no further.

There are loads of different exercises that make up a bodyweight exercise routine, and you will see there are differences between weight loss workouts and fitness workouts. As always, the proof will be in the pudding (but make sure it’s a healthy one if you are on that diet!). So, why not give some of our bodyweight exercise routines go, for a no equipment workout.

Benefits of bodyweight exercises

Before you commit to anything new, and in particular an exercise routine, you are going to want to know the benefits. There are a bunch of benefits to building muscles at home rather than in the gym, so let’s take a look at what will make this worth it for you.

1. No equipment required: You need absolutely nothing to do these exercises. You need no equipment Benefits of bodyweight exerciseswhatsoever, all you need is a bit of space and the motivation to complete your no weight workout.

2. Time-saving: If you struggle to find the time to fit getting to the gym and back into your day, then bodyweight exercises will be perfect for you. There is no need to spend time travelling to the gym, and these can be done whenever and wherever you want. They can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, so if you have a spare five minutes here and there, you can still get some exercise in.

3. Money saving: If you aren’t going to the gym, then you don’t need to pay for a gym membership. As we are all well aware, gym memberships can be super pricey, so exercising for free is going to benefit your wallet no end.

4. No need to go to the gym: Lots of people hate going to the gym, and that’s understandable. It’s full of scantily clad gym bunnies and body builders, and that personal trainer who is always offering you a session you don’t want. Well, with these workout plans, you don’t need to suffer the gym experience anymore, it’s as simple as that!

5. Increased fitness: These are good workouts if you are interested in getting fitter, and they can get you fit quickly. They are high output exercises which will get you great results, and you’ll be feeling fitter in no time.

6. Weight loss: We have dedicated weight loss exercise routines for you, incorporating the best exercise to jumping exerciselose weight within them. If you are struggling a bit with your weight, or you just want to boost your progress, introducing some exercise into your life is a perfect way. Along with a healthy diet, you will see the number on the scales going down in no time.

7. Building muscle: You can use these routines to build muscles at home; if you are looking to bulk up a bit or you just want to increase your strength, then we have a routine for you.

8. Improved core strength: There are lots of muscles which make up your “core” and strengthening your core can mean better posture, better balance, and better performance.

9. Better flexibility: When you think of exercising, images of having tight muscles and struggling to walk up and down the stairs the next day might spring to mind. But that doesn’t have to be the case. These routines can help your joints to move more freely. You might not know it, but yoga is bodyweight based, and we know that increases your flexibility.

10. They are perfect for newbies: If you are new to exercising, the gym can be daunting, and the thought of going out for a run can be terrifying. Our workout routines for beginners are the perfect way to ease yourself in and get a taste for exercise. There’s no need to worry about how you look, and you can crack on in your own home in complete comfort.

11. Fun, fun fun: Bench pressing equals boredom, right? With bodyweight exercises, you can spice up the exercise outsideroutines by adding different variations and changing it up. You can do your exercises to music, and you can take your exercise outside if you want. These exercises are based on you, so make them into what you want them to be!

We’re going to split our workouts into male and female categories, this is because some of the exercises and routines are different. They are different because the male and female bodies are different, it’s also because men and women tend to want to concentrate on different things when they are working out. Most women don’t want arms like Arnie, and most men don’t want a booty like Beyoncé. But that’s not to mean you shouldn’t target those areas in your workouts. We will start with the male workouts, so ladies – scroll down to see yours!


warm up exercise

To failure: If you see an exercise and the number of exercises is put down as “to failure” this means you do this exercise until you can’t do any more of them. That could be 10, or it could be 20, but you need to keep going until you can’t do another one!

  • Reps: “reps, or “repetitions,” this is how many times you need to repeat that exercise to make up your routine. When you are completing a routine, the number of reps will usually be the same for all the exercises.
  • Sets: how many times you need to complete that exercise and all the reps
  • Rounds: one round is the completion of the exercise routine. If a routine says to do “2 rounds” this means you need to repeat the entire thing twice.
  • Supersets: a superset consists of two exercises, and these have to be performed with no rest in between.

Don’t forget

Before you do any routine or workout, make sure you do a warm up. Warm-ups can help to prevent injuries sustained during your workout. You also need to make sure you stretch after you have completed your workout, as this can help relieve some of that soreness you are prone to feeling the day after.

Beginner workout routine for men

Beginner workout routine for menThese workout plans for beginners require absolutely no equipment. They are perfect workout plans for men to help you get started with your bodyweight exercise for beginners. Always make sure you do your warm up before you get going on your routine.

Exercise Prisoner squats Push ups Inverted rows Pike push ups Good mornings Standing calf raises Crunches
Reps 104 to 84 to 84 to 8 1010to failure
Rest between sets 60 to 90 seconds
Rest between exercises up to 2 minutes
Rounds 2
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week

Muscle exercises for men

Muscle exercises for menThis routine helps deliver optimal muscle size. You can do these muscle building exercises at home, and you’ll soon start achieving your goals. This routine is exhausting – take our word for it, you will not be able to walk straight or lift your arms up properly for days.

 Superset 1 Superset 2 Superset 3Superset 4
Exercises Wide grip inverted rows Wide grip push ups Close grip inverted rows Bench dips Alternating step ups (each leg) One legged dead lifts (each leg) Sit upsLeg raises
Reps 6 to 104 to 86 to 106 to 106 to 10 6 to 10 to failure to failure
Sets 22222222
Rest between supersets up to 5 minutes
Rounds 2
Frequency v

Fat burning workouts for men

Bodyweight exercises can be great fat burning workouts as well as for gaining muscle. If you are looking at how to burn fat and build muscle then here are the best bodyweight exercises to help burn that fat! For the dumbbell rows, you will need to find something at home which you can hold in each time and lift. It could be something like milk jugs or liter bottles, whatever is heavy enough and easy to hold.

Exercise SquatsPush-ups Walking lunges Dumbbell rows PlankJumping jacks
Reps 201010 each leg4 to 8 15 seconds 30
Sets 3
Rest between sets 30 to 60 seconds
Rest between exercises 60 to 90 seconds
Rounds 2
Frequency 3 times a week

Upper body workouts for men

A lot of guys out there are going to want to target the upper body. This is a great bodyweight workout for mass in Upper body workouts for menthe upper body department. Once you’ve mastered your beginner workout routine, you can start moving on to the more targeted routines, like this one.

The routine has a “build-up” period to it, it is very unlikely that you will be able to jump into the hardcore upper body workout without doing the ground work first.

Week 1 and 2:

Exercise Wide push up Alternating shuffle push up Diamond push up
Reps 10 to 15 10 to 15 10 to 15
Sets 3
Rest between sets 1 to 2 minutes
Rest between exercises 2 minutes
Rounds 2
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week

Week 3 onwards:

You will need to find yourself a “box” or step which you can use to do your push-ups on. This will need to be between 4 and 8 inches in height.

Exercise One arm push up Crossover box push up Hands-on box diamond push up Dynamic box push up
Number of exercises 10 to 15 10 to 15 10 to 15 10 to 15
Reps 4
Rest between sets 1 to 2 minutes
Rest between exercises 2 minutes
Rounds 2
Frequency 2 times a week

If you have a break where you cannot do workouts, you may find that you need to head back to weeks 1 and 2 and start again. There’s no shame in this and making sure you work up to your hardcore workout is way safer than jumping straight into it and injuring yourself.

Full body workout routine for men

There is no better workout than a full body one. This full body workout routine for men will work your entire body, Full body workout routine for menand you’ll know about it. This is difficult, it’s hard, and you will be aching all over the next day, but it is so worth it. You need a pull-up bar to complete this routine as it is, but if you don’t have one, you can substitute with inverted body weight rows instead. This full body routine will have you reaching for those strong pre workouts.

Exercise One legged squats (each leg) SquatsWalking lunges (each leg) Jump step ups (each leg) Pull ups DipsChin ups Push ups Plank
Reps 102010101010101030 secs
Rest between sets 60 to 90 seconds
Rest between exercises up to 2 minutes
Frequency 2 times a week

Weight loss workout plan for men

If you are looking to lose weight, take a look at this weight loss exercise plan. These are some of the best exercises to lose weight put together to form one of the best workouts to lose weight. To keep up weight loss, try your hardest to do as many reps as possible in your 30 seconds. Keep a record of your numbers and see yourself making progress.

Exercise Push ups Mountain climbers Inverted row Walkouts Reverse lunges (each leg)Plank to push up
Reps as many as possible in 30 seconds
Rest between sets up to 2 minutes
Rest between exercises 15 seconds
Frequency2 times a week

Beginner workout routine for women

This is a great exercise routine for women, and it’s also a great beginner workout plan. If you are looking for workout plans for women at home, then this is a brilliant one to start with. These body weight exercises for women can really boost your strength and your confidence and as you get better and better, you up the number of reps and sets you are doing.

Beginner workout routine for women

Exercise SquatsJumping jacks Push ups Lunges (each leg)Dips Plank
Reps 10 to 12 30 seconds 10 to 12 10 to 12 10 to 12 30 seconds
Rest between sets up to 1 minute
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week

Fat burning exercises for women

If you are looking for great workout plans for women, then look no further. Here is a great set of fat burning exercises to help you shift that wobble! You will be feeling slim and trim in no time as you ramp up the sets on this routine.

Exercise Mountain climbersTouchdownsShoulder taps Squat jumps Speed skatersPush-ups Plank jacks Cricket climbers
Reps 1010101010101010
Sets 5
Rest between sets 30 to 60 seconds
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week

Weight loss workout plan for womenWeight loss workout plan for women

This is an epic bodyweight workout plan which is up there on cardio. This routine will work your heart rate and your big muscles, making it one of the best workouts to lose weight. This workout will have you reaching for your pre-workout supplement for sure.

Exercise BurpeesSquats BurpeesSit ups Burpees Lunges (each leg)
Reps 510510510
Sets 15 minutes with as many sets as possible
Rest between sets none
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week

Full body workout for women

This is a great all-rounder and an excellent full body workout for women at home. You will be able to see your progression as you manage more and more reps in the 30 seconds. Making progression will have you feeling on top of the world, as well as losing weight and gaining muscle.

Exercise Jumping jacks Prisoner squats Close hand push ups Walking lungeMountain climbers Inverted hamstring T-stabilization Running on the spot
Reps 30 seconds
Sets 3
Rest between sets 60 to 90 seconds
Frequency 2 to 3 times a week