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C4 Pre Workout Review

What is C4 Extreme?

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre Workout is a powerful supplement targeted towards weight trainers and bodybuilders who require focus and pump without any added fillers. A single scoop of this supplement (5.7g) contains an abundance of ingredients that make it highly popular with athletes.

c4 pre workout explosive energyOne of the biggest reasons for it being regarded as such a good pre workout supplement is the creatine nitrate it packs. As is evident from the name of the ingredient, it is basically a nitrate molecule bonded to a creatine molecule. The inclusion of the nitrate has the potential to boost muscle pump.

Moreover, this form of creatine is believed to have much better solubility / bioavailability in comparison with standard creatine monohydrate.

Another ingredient of note in pre workout C4 is citrus aurantium (bitter orange), which acts as a good stimulant and thermogenic which can work with caffeine to provide a better boost.

With their new formula, Cellucor have gotten rid of a nasty ingredient, Germanium, which they used previously. It was found to be the cause of death for thirty people in the US alone due to its harmful impact on the kidneys, liver and heart tissue. There are still products in the market which make use of this ingredient – they should be avoided at all costs.

C4 comes in a cool packet that has false carbon fiber highlights. No proprietary blend is used and you can easily tell the quantity of ingredients present per serving. The amount of supplement required varies from person to person but 2 scoops is fine for most people.

You can be assured that you are using a quality product since it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. You can easily create a shake by mixing the powder in a cup with a spoon. It has a delicious flavor which does have a slight aftertaste. In particular, the Blue Razz flavor is especially admired.

What does C4 contain?

C4 pre workout ingredients include Creatine Magnapower, Arginine AKG, Beta Alanine and several other advanced compounds which together create a comprehensive pre workout supplement.

This supplement can improve your focus, your muscular outlook and workout performance and does its job without fail workout after workout.

You will be able to put in more reps, complete each set and will feel your strength and endurance increase to the point that you beat your personal bests.

An explosive workout with c4

Here is an explanation of exactly what C4 extreme ingredients will provide you with:

  • Magnesium Creatine Chelate: This is the scientific name for Creatine Magnapower, which is an improved form of creatine providing fast improvements in recovery and strength without the negative effects of standard Creatine Monohydrate e.g. bloating or water retention. C4 Creatine is basically a buffered solution of magnesium and creatine which doesn’t get easily decomposed in the stomach thereby preventing stomach ache. The Magnesium also improves levels of energy and ATP in your muscles.
  • Beta Alanine: A natural amino acid, this ingredient results in elevated levels of carnosine in the muscles which amp up your energy, boost muscle endurance and enhance workout performance. It also alleviates your tiredness and fatigue by stoppering the buildup of lactic acid (occurs naturally as you exercise) which is the cause of muscle pain.
  • Arginine AKG: Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is a powerful NO enhancer. It improves strength, vascularity and supports the secretion of insulin and growth hormones besides being effective at widening the muscular blood pathways, the latter resulting in better flow of blood, improved muscular pumps and enhanced delivery of nutrients.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: This ingredient is a tyrosine form that is easily absorbable and has better bio-availability – it is also less likely to be excreted in your urine. This amino acid forms adrenal as well as growth hormones such as norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine which indirectly contribute to improve focus and energy levels.
  • Vitamin B12: Present in the form of Methylcobalamin, this essential B vitamin promotes metabolism in cells as well as the production of energy. It also helps in the formation of fatty acids – decomposed fats that can readily be used as energy. Moreover, this vitamin also supports healthy functioning of the nervous system and formation of blood.
  • Caffeine: This is a potent stimulant that jolts your central nervous system to get rid of tiredness and lethargy while boosting focus as well as energy.
  • Folic Acid: A B vitamin that can dissolve in water, it promotes both energy levels and mood as well as healthy repair and formation of cells.
  • Niacinamide: A B complex vitamin, it promotes muscle strength, movement of joints and functioning of nervous system. Also, it reduces fatigue in the muscles and enhances their peak working capability.
  • Synephrine HCL: This is a powerful adrenergic stimulant which increases energy levels and also supports the formation of ATP. Its structure resembles Ephedra, although it is milder in its effect. Besides the stimulation of adrenaline, it encourages weight loss by increasing metabolism, thermogenesis and fat consumption.
  • Vitamin C: This is an important vitamin which increases metabolism, energy production and is also a potent antioxidant. It improves the body’s immune function, destroys harmful free radicals and makes your connective tissues and bones stronger. It also decreases the levels of Cortisol, a stress hormone which in turns leads to a better ratio of Testosterone to Cortisol.
  • Pyriodoxal Phosphate: Aka P5P, this active form of Vitamin B6 doesn’t need to be converted by your liver which is why it is better than standard B6 supplement. It improves bodily functions such as muscular growth and repair, neurotransmission and metabolism.

Is c4 pre workout safe?

Buy this stuff and see results at the gymGiven that you are perfectly healthy and are not on any prescription meds, you can safely take this supplement before your workout. You are not restricted to consuming it on an empty stomach or with food.

It is recommended that you thoroughly go through the detailed dosage / warning labels before starting out. Since C4 is meant to be used as a pre-workout supplement it is inadvisable to use it on a non-workout day. Take it half an hour before starting your exercise.

As you start its use, mix only a single scoop of C4 with water so you can safely tests your tolerance to it and allow your body to adapt to the supplement. Once your body gets used to it, you can start increasing the dosage to 2 or more scoops.

One thing to remember is to not use this product with other supplements that contain synephrine or caffeine, such as energy drinks, tea and coffee or any other food that falls under the category of stimulant. Use it for a maximum of two months at one time.
This product can also be mixed with other Cellucor products. For instance, combining it with P6 Extreme can yield a very potent stack for growing muscles.

Mixing it with NZero results in a high energy yet super lean workout. It can also be combined with the manufacturer’s non-stimulant weight loss supplements after assessment of your caffeine tolerance levels.

For those athletes who are regularly tested for drugs, there are specific instructions. Although the product doesn’t contain any generally banned substances, you are recommended to check with (and obtain clearance from) your particular athletic governing body to ascertain if you are completely in the green before consuming c4 supplement. For instance, the NCAA bans the use of stimulants like caffeine.

You will have no trouble checking each individual ingredient used in the products as they are explicitly stated on the manufacturer’s website. These can also be used by your physician to determine whether the product is safe for you in case you are using prescription medications for a medical condition.

C4 extreme side effects

The bitter orange ingredient present in the supplement has the potential to raise your blood pressure and heart rate. Otherwise called Synephrine HCL, this ingredient replaces Ephedra – a formerly used ingredient that carried risks which led to it being banned.

In spite of this, there is no evidence that Synephrine HCL is safer than the former ingredient, which is why those with a history of heart disease need to be cautious when using c4 preworkout.

This substance should also be avoided by those using caffeine stimulants – something that is already present in C4, a further cautionary note for those with cardiac issues. Note that the dosage of synephrine HCL isn’t listed in this product.

Get a great workout and make the most of it

Where can I buy c4 pre workout?

You can purchase this product from a number of online retailers, but your best bet should Amazon (selling at a price between $35 and $40 at the moment), since it has the most competitive pricing and also features the reviews of other customers who have used the product.

This is particularly useful for those who are unsure about the product’s safety and don’t want to rely on the manufacturer’s information; they can get a firsthand opinion from those who have previously used this product.

You can also ask direct questions on the product’s selling page where users will answer and clarify your doubts and for more reviews check out our top 10 picks.