Does Eating Late at Night Make You Fat?

For years experts have said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this thought came from studies which showed people who routinely skipped breakfast were more likely to become obese compared to people who ate eggs and muffins as a simple breakfast.

Over time this thought has now been translated into what we now hear as the eating before bed myth and that eating before bed can make you fat.

Things are not as clear as it sounds and there are more reasons which can affect weight than the time you eat.

eating before bed myth

Eating after 6 pm

It’s a fact that one of the most significant restrictive factors for people wishing to lose weight are rules they should follow.

Freedom can go a long way in making any diet bearable. The fewer rules you need to follow, the fewer restrictions on eating are imposed. Times of eating also fall under this dieting umbrella.

This matters for the simple reason of being consistent and patient which are two of the most crucial factors of any clean eating meal plan. This also goes as far as including night eating which many people enjoy.

Choosing the Right Eating Plan

Is it bad to eat late? It doesn’t have to be because every person is different. With this in mind we also need to see that a calorie is a calorie so as long as you don’t eat more than your daily quota, it shouldn’t matter what time of the day that you consume these. It is this calorie excess what makes you fat over time.

right eating habitsYou can also look at it simply. If skipping breakfast means you will become hungry, and you end up binge eating throughout the day, then for your breakfast is the most important meal.

All this is behavioral and a person’s reactions to eating habits. There are many people who are fit and healthy by skipping breakfast and consuming their most substantial meal at night.

Eating Late Doesn’t Make You Fat

According to researchers in Israel over a 6-month study. They compared large breakfast eaters with ones who ate their most substantial meal after 8 pm. It was found the late night eaters lost more fat and also felt more satiated through the 6-month study.

Other findings when looking at, is it bad to eat late at night? Are as follows:

  • 11 percent more weight was lost
  • There was a 10 percent greater change in the stomach circumference
  • 10.5 percent more body fat was lost
  • There were fewer hunger cravings

This shouldn’t be taken to the extreme because as was mentioned, every person is different and eating before sleeping can affect you differently to another person. This is true if you go past your calorific count for the day.

Why People Eat at Nighteating at night

The reason many people like eating at night is from boredom, or there are other emotions involved, and these have nothing to do with hunger.

It is this scenario which a person should look at how to stop eating at night or change their eating habits in the day to allow for this.

However, if there are reasons above hunger, it is these a person should look into rather than thinking their eating is the problem. This late-night eating is a result of some underlying worry or emotional trigger.

Aside from this, eating carbs at night can, in theory, help you sleep, it can also mean you get less rest. If you’re awake and eating late at night, this means you’re not sleeping.

People who end up with sleep deficits tend to eat more, and also expel less energy due to tiredness.

And if you’re sleep deprived this lack of sleep can stop weight loss dead in its tracks. This happens by slowing the metabolism, increasing appetite, and thus decreasing the calories a person can burn.

This can give you two options:

  1. If you are able to control your late night meals and it doesn’t prevent you from staying awake. You can munch away and sleep better for it knowing you won’t become huge as a result.
  2. If you already know that eating a large meal is going to tempt you into further late night snacks and refrigerator raiding past two in the morning. Then this sizeable late night meal might not be your best option.

When you look at the above information and realize it is healthy eating which is crucial rather than what time you eat. The question you have been asking for years of “What time should I eat dinner?” doesn’t matter.

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