Rapid Fat Loss Guide: Steak and Eggs Diet

There are countless numbers of people who wish to lose weight, and there is an even more significant number of diets which claim to help achieve this.

If there was a more natural way, everyone could lose weight quickly, with no need of counting calories, however following a varied workout plan.

Steak and Eggs Diet

Body Builders and Fat

When you look at bodybuilders, these guys are highly muscled and have hardly any fat on their bodies. They also consume way more calories than an average person does, so what is the reason they never show any fat?

There was a famous bodybuilder many years ago called Vince Gironda whose nickname was “Iron Guru” and for a good reason.

Back as far as the 50’s, he had a body that many bodybuilders struggle to reach today. He had a way of eating which played a massive part in his success.

The Vince Gironda Diet

Vince Gironda DietThe Vince Gironda diet wasn’t so much a diet with the aim of losing weight, its objective was to provide his body with nutrition and copious amounts of protein.

In its purest form, his diet was you can eat as much steak and eggs as you like, and have them cooked in butter.

Eat twice per day with no snacks

Don’t count calories and use as much butter as you like when cooking the steak and eggs

Every 5th day is a cheat day where you are allowed to eat whatever you wish.

It seems a steak and egg only diet isn’t very healthy, but it does contain everything your body needs. It is also very effective for weight loss.

Unhealthy Fat

While it might appear to be an unhealthy diet, there is a misconception when it comes to fat. Fat isn’t unhealthy, and there are many good diets to lose weight which rely on this formula.

Unhealthy carbs are what makes us fat because excess sugars are stored easier than fat in the body. When you compare a regular diet to this way of eating, the steak and egg calories are better for the body.

They will also aid the body in burning the fat off by not being stored, these are pure energy providers compared to added sugars which the body is incapable of digesting in one go.

More Modern Diets to Lose Weight

Many people won’t have heard of Vince Gironda, but there is another name everyone will know who based his eating plan on that of Vince Gironda.

Arnold Schwarzenegger diet planArnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most iconic bodybuilders in history. He also recognized the importance of food to obtain his Mr Universe winning physique.

Arnold had principles which took him away from purely an egg diet meal plan because he was bigger and stronger.

Arnold followed just 4 principles:

  • Eat 5-6 meals per day
  • His intake was 4,000 calories per day and 250 grams of protein
  • Carbs were consumed within 30 minutes of every workout
  • Protein shakes were his go-to drink when he needed a boost in protein

How Does This Work for Me?

The two above are extreme cases of extreme athletes who were at the very prime of their sport. Vince Gironda also egg diet with steakspent some time training Arnold, so the methodology of his training was handed over.

A diet following these methods can help you lose weight fast, and it doesn’t need to be as extreme as an egg diet with steak and nothing else.

Both Vince and Arnold did eat other things, and they performed masses amounts of lifting weights to reach the standard of the body they were famous for.

Healthy eating and cutting out as much processed food and drinks with added sugars will have the same effect when you follow a decent workout plan.

When you develop a healthy style of eating in this manner, you can indulge in a few more sunny-side-ups cooked in butter or lean meat without feeling guilty.

The End Result

When you follow a steak and egg diet style of eating, you will find you start losing weight without excess exercise. You will also begin to have more energy and stamina, and your mental approach will be much better.

This is one way to make sure you don’t cheat on diets when you can eat as much as you like. Feeling satisfied is the secret to any diet, and eating this way, you will be surprised how happy a humble egg can make you feel.

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