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How to Stop Drinking Coffee (5 Benefits of Quitting Caffeine)

Most people enjoy their daily cups of coffee, so when it comes to giving up caffeine, it can be a real struggle. Caffeine in coffee is seen as safe for consumption within moderation, although there benefits of giving up coffee.

Here we will look at a couple of methods of how to wean off coffee and what benefits you can find once you have kicked the coffee habit.

Two Primary Methods for Quitting Coffee

Stop Drinking CoffeeMethod 1 – Weaning Yourself off Coffee

When a person drinks a lot of coffee, their body builds up a tolerance of the effects coffee will have. Not only this the body starts to develop a dependence both mentally and physically.

The weaning method is the most recommended way of how to quit coffee as it slowly reduces the amount of caffeine you would consume in a day.

It is recommended to reduce the dose of caffeine by 10-30mg every three days until the end result has been reached and no caffeine is being consumed.

This method as with other ways has pros and a couple of cons:

Advantages of the Weaning MethodWeaning Method

The withdrawal symptoms of cutting out coffee are less severe, and in many cases, they can be avoided altogether.

  • This method allows people to carry on functioning as usual and remain productive
  • This method of detoxing off coffee reduces the no caffeine headaches which can occur
  • It is less of a shock to the system as a whole

Disadvantages of the Weaning Method

  • It needs you to track how much you actually consume and being intentional with the reductions
  • It can take longer to detox which is dependent on the starting dose

It should be noted. Caffeine doesn’t only come from coffee. It can come from energy drinks, sodas and tea, so all these need to be considered.

Weaning off Coffee – Cold Turkey Style

This method merely means you are cutting out coffee from one point. This is the fastest way of a caffeine detox, but as with the weaning method, there are pros and cons associated with it. You might wonder how long does it take to quit caffeine using this method. It can take up to 9 days for all of the caffeine to leave your body.

Advantages of Cold Turkey

  • The quickest way to caffeine detox
  • You quickly come to realize the effects coffee has on your body and how it functions

Disadvantages of Cold Turkey

  • A loss of productivity can be found
  • It can cause caffeine withdrawal symptoms
  • You can be out of commission from a couple of days to possibly weeks depending on the addiction
  • There is a higher tendency to quit from how bad it can make you feel

The cold turkey method needs some preparation beforehand if you are to succeed with no more coffee. Here are some tips which can help to overcome the quitting coffee side effects.

Planning ahead and making sure the first days of your caffeine detox fall on a weekend or during a break from work

  • Pain relievers are handy if you get withdrawal headaches
  • Driving should be avoided if possible
  • You should make sure to have sufficient food on hand
  • Easy digesting foods like soups can be prepared in advance
  • A quick explanation to family and co-workers can save the need for apologies for a bad temper during your coffee detox

All of this is relevant to the amount of caffeine you usually consume throughout the day. It is not to say you will suffer from any of the above. However, it is better to be well armed before you start.

Benefits of Quitting Drinking Coffee

It doesn’t matter which method you use to quit coffee. There are benefits you’ll notice once you have quit.

Quitting Drinking CoffeeFinancial Savings

There is no doubt about it. Coffee is expensive, so, no matter if you have instant at home or use vending machines, or make a daily trip to the local coffee shop. The amount of money you can save is quite staggering.

The savings can run into thousands of dollar per year depending on the amount you consume, and where you purchase it from.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Caffeine has been shown to increase blood pressure. In some individuals, this can be a couple of points or even higher if they are a heavy coffee drinker. With this increase in blood pressure, the heart has to work harder, so it is a health benefit for the cardiovascular system all over.

Sleep and Moodhamper sleep patterns

Caffeine is well known for keeping people awake. Drinking too late in the day can severely hamper sleep patterns and quality of sleep. Some drinkers who never drank afternoon found they slept better, so quitting altogether will have a significant impact on the quality of sleep you can achieve.

On top of this is a person’s mood. Some people are grumpy until they have had their morning cup and others start to become lethargic in the afternoon when caffeine effects have begun to wane.

Anxiety and Headaches

Anxiety can be increased when too much coffee is consumed as the adrenal glands are over stimulated. Once you have decided to quit you will find you are less anxious.

Headaches can be associated with the consumption of coffee. As it stimulates the parts of the brain which help you stay awake, these can become overworked and can go way past a regular headache and migraines can become the norm.

Although you might get headaches from withdrawal symptoms, these pass and the number of caffeine-induced headaches will be negated.

Healthy Teeth and Weight Loss

You can get healthier teeth when you quit coffee. Coffee (and tea) stain the teeth, while caffeine from energy drinks and sodas, which are full of sugar rot the teeth.

Once you quit and the stains have cleared you will obtain whiter and healthier teeth.

This part of coffee consumption assumes it isn’t taken black. The amount of sugar and creamer which can be included can quickly pile on the pounds.

If your coffee comes from a coffee shop. You could be looking at cutting out 250 calories per day, and that is for only 1 Vanilla Latte.

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