Are There Any P6 Extreme Side Effects

What is P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme is a pre-workout supplement and is also designated as the natural booster for your testosterone.

The main ingredient of P6 Extreme is phytosterols. What makes this supplement more excited is that it increases your testosterone level, while it blocks your estrogen level.

P6 Extreme pre-workout supplementP6 Extreme is getting into the field very quickly, and more and more people are inquiring about it. Keeping this in mind, today we will look into some side effects of P6 Extreme. So, sit back and give this read a couple of minutes.

Side Effects of P6 Extreme:-

cellucor p6 black bannedFollowing are the P6 Extreme side effects:

1) Hair Condition

One of the major side effects of P6 Extreme is the baldness pattern in males. In the early days of using P6 Extreme, your hairs will start thinning, and finally, your scalp will become hairless. The main reason for hair loss is the high amount of testosterone.

While for women, the greater amount of testosterone causes hirsutism – a condition in which your facial hairs and body growths excessively.

2) Mood Changes

The more significant amount of testosterone in P6 Extreme causes disorder in your nervous system. And the major results are anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue and numbness and tingling sensations.

3) Skin Conditions

Just like any other best pre workout supplement for women, P6 Extreme contains a higher level of testosterone. The greater amount of testosterone in P6 Extreme causes significant changes in your acne and many dermatitis problems occur. The condition of Seborrhea takes place in which your face feels dandruff, and your scalp and face look greasy.

4) Gynecomastia

P6 Extreme Black side effects also cause increased duration of penile erections. Testosterone plays a crucial part in the male production system, and an excessive amount of it may cause increase or decrease in libido.

You can also grow the large size of mammary glands, and this condition leads to Gynecomastia – also known as breast appearance.

P6 Extreme negative side effects

P6 Extreme ReviewsIncreased level of testosterone also leads to jaundice and disturbance in liver function. Just like other supplements, P6 Extreme also contains a combination of eight different ingredients. And the main ingredient of P6 Extreme is Ovine Placenta Powder. This ingredient is the natural stimulant of the production gland of more testosterone but is a powerful supplement.

With the usage of P6 Extreme, you will feel an increased urgency to drink water. Also, the increased testosterone will cause more irritability in your mood. In the first week of using P6 Extreme, you will sweat more.

P6 Extreme is not a cheap supplement, but it also contains some good ingredients. P6 Extreme is manufactured by a reputable company as well.

However, if you are a beginner, we would not recommend you to use this supplement. But if you are a fitness geek and want to be more physical, then you should go for P6 Extreme. I hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to learn every negative side effect of P6 Extreme.

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