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I love intelligent conversation and I rarely get. I am open minded age not an issuerace not an issue, no please no wanting mommy figure .

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Unless you like "advertising" and appearing slutty, you'll want to behave appropriately.

It's not a bath house. It's a gym.

If you want to be slutty, take it to the bathhouse. I disagree, and with your subsequent post. I'm a life-long devotee of the sauna, escorts lubbock spanking it's taken naked.

And in European countries quite often even when it's coed. The skin needs kennewick escorts female be exposed to sex sauna in wichita heat all over to achieve the best effect. And some people, like me, will get a latex allergy rash from wearing shorts or swim trunks with an elasticized waistband, that normally wouldn't bother me in other situations, except under the conditions of high heat and moisture.

And if we've just come from an open gang sex sauna in wichita, as sauna and free sexting numbers union room etiquette and proper hygiene require, what exactly are we men hiding from each other? Or are we supposed to be dressed in the shower, too? You sit on your towel, which takes care of the issue of cleanliness of the benches.

I've also used men's steam rooms that had large rolls of tear-off paper outside the door, on which you could also sit your bare butt, if not a towel I can also tell you that sex sauna in wichita men's saunas and steam rooms also have s that PROHIBIT clothes and REQUIRE nudity, as well as a shower beforehand, for sanitary reasons. Craigslist sarasota in personals their sweat is soaking through those filthy clothes into the wooden benches, depositing bacteria and bad odors.

So the rule is to strip and take a soapy shower. Sitting there and stinking as you bake chinese massage parlours logan city the sauna is anything but polite, and the antithesis of sauna etiquette.

And if some gay guys can't behave themselves, I'll call them on that, too, as well as for not sitting their bare asses on towels.