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The Top 10 Pre Workout Supplements

When you have been exercising for more than a couple of months, regularly, you may experience (in fact it is very common) a dip in motivation and a sluggishness that prevent you from giving it your best during your workouts.

You may reach a plateau that limits you from improving your physique, or you may discover that you no longer have the energy to carry on through tougher exercises. On top of all that, you may find it hard to gather motivation to go to the gym because your routine life is extremely demanding.

If you are experiencing these problems, then you should seriously look into pre workout energy supplements. It isn’t easy to find the best pre-workout supplement to match your needs (in fact there may be more than one!), but after some trial and error, you will discover a product that lets you hit the gym with the same motivation you had at the very beginning.

You will also experience a great deal of improvement in your power and energy, and the quality of your workout.

The Best Pre Workout Supplement Reviews for 2018

1. Cellucor P6 Black

cellucor p6 black bannedPriced at around $40-$50, the new Cellucor P6 Black is a reinvention of an old favorite which got banned in the early 2000’s because it contained a banned testosterone booster. Since then, Cellucor has worked on replacing the pro hormones with a legal ingredient and has reincarnated the product with D-Aspartic Acid that improves testosterone levels in different, and multiple, ways.

The active ingredient doesn’t just encourage your body to produce more testosterone, it also prevents it from being bound by Sex

Hormone Binding Globulin. It is also chelated with magnesium, so your system can absorb it easily and the magnesium also important in the production of ATP that will power your workout.

Another important feature of P6 Black is that it is a Nootropic enhancer, it increases acetylcholine neurotransmitter levels through Alpha GPC, a natural compound of choline so that your cognitive function is boosted. Also present, is D-Serine, an amino acid which enhances memory.

Also present are other ingredients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin D and Zinc which play various, vital, roles in the body’s testosterone production mechanism.

A variation of this product is P6 Extreme (often confused as P6 Extreme Black), P6 Extreme differs from the Black version in that it does not focus on nootropics and also uses herbal ingredients to raise your testosterone. P6 Red is another product you might look at.


  • Improved energy, focus, strength, sleep enhancement, and, as a bonus, better libido. Confirmed by several favorable P6 Extreme reviews by users.
  • Nicely combines nootropics and testosterone enhancement.
  • Motivates you for the gym.


  • Pricey.
  • Certain reviewers have reported p6 extreme side effects such as nausea.
  • Has to be cycled, something that might not sit well with all users.

2. Cellucor C4 Extreme

c4 pre workout explosive energyC4 extreme pre workout packs incredients such as Beta Alanine, Arkanine AKG, Creatine Magnapower and various other advanced compounds that work in conjunction to create a thorough pre-workout supplement. Cellucor’s C4 workout can boost your focus, the outlook of your muscles and your performance during the workout, doing so day after day, with each subsequent session.

You will be able to pull up your rep count, accomplish each set and experience a strength boost that will enable you to shatter your personal bests.

You can mix C4 workout with other Cellucor products. As an example, combine it with P6 Extreme to create a stack that is excellent for muscular growth.

Blending it with NZero yields a very lean yet energy rich supplement. It can also be mixed with Cellucor’s weight loss supplements which are non-supplements, after you have thoroughly assessed your caffeine tolerance levels.

A problem with many supplement products these days is proprietary formulas that don’t reveal the quantity of ingredients used. C4 pre workout supplement does away with this problem by mentioning both the names and the amounts of the ingredients used so you can easily check if it is safe for you in terms of health conditions or legality of use.

Where to buy C4 pre workout?

You can easily by this product from Amazon, where it is currently priced between $35 and $40.


  • Enhanced performance, with each successive workout too.
  • Does not contain any generally prohibited substances.
  • Can be used in combination with other products from the manufacturer to create your own unique stack.
  • Completely labelled and quantified ingredients mean you know exactly what you’re consuming.


  • Not to be used by those with cardiac issues..

3. Muscle Pharm Assault Pre-workout System

Musclepharm Assault ReviewPriced at around $20-$30(quantity 0.96 lbs.), Muscle Pharm Assault is a product which claims to provide the most comprehensive and advanced supplement before a workout.

Designed specifically for athletes who want the ultimate edge over their competitors, this product boasts a five stage delivery system that takes care of every performance aspect – energy, size, strength, focus and endurance. It claims to boost your body with the most modern ingredients so you can lead in each workout and get the best results.

One serving of the supplement packs 2g proprietary carnosyn beta-alanine, as well as ion-3 nitrate nutrients. Better strength, muscle mass, workout capability and endurance are all part of the deal.

It is extremely popular for boosting focus and performance. With Assault pre workout’s purenergy ingredient, it gives you a jolt of energy and focus that lasts eight times longer than regular coffee, so you don’t crash quickly after the workout.


  • Users have reported that the supplement acts quickly and charges you so you’re ready to hit the gym the entire time.
  • The boost it provides lasts throughout the workout.
  • The dreaded ‘flush’ sensation does not envelop users after consuming it.
  • Guaranteed to contain only the ingredients permitted by the NCAA.
  • Side effects such as stomach ache and nausea, relatively common with several supplements, have not been reported.


  • Some users have reported that it does not provide as much boost as products such as No Xplode and Jack3D, but this was likely due to the fact that their physiology was adapted to greater servings.

4. Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

b-nox androrush side effectsThe pre-workout industry has lately branched into two categories – the concentrated pre-workout, and the performance focused workout that serves a considerably larger user base. Both categories have ingredients which are used, pretty much, by all the manufacturers out there.

Bullnox pre workout, priced at $29.05, however, was created with an intention to provide an innovative solution to those customers who are experiencing tolerance buildup problems to existing stimulants and supplements.

It is the first ever pre workout product which incorporates a blend that enhances testosterone levels so you get a more aggressive work out with better pump. It achieves this by using an Endocrine Ignition mix of Maca extract, ZMA and Tribulus that boosts testosterone levels in the body.

It provides energy by means of Glucuronolactone, Theobromine, N-Acetyl Tyrosine and Caffeine Anhydrous so you get the best possible sustained energy boost with a reduced risk of ‘jitters’ or ‘crash’. It also features three kinds of creatine to improve strength and carnosyn beta-alanine to improve endurance of muscles.

Other features include no sugar, no side effects (as advertised) and no cycling requirement. The product comes in several tasty flavors to give users more variety.


  • First ever testosterone boosting pre-workout product.
  • Contains zero sugar.


  • Users have had mixed results with its claims of no side effects – jitters and stomach issues experienced by some, while none experienced by others.
  • The taste is relatively inferior to other mainstream products.

5. MuscleTech Performance Series Vapor X5 Next Gen Pre-Workout Powder

vapor x5 next gen pre-workout reviewsThis Muscletech pre workout, priced at around $20-$30, is one of a kind with regards to its much improved formula containing 8 gram L-citrulline and 200mg quercetin doses that is back by clinical research as the best pump provider.

Developed from study of real humans, the formula used in this supplement yields maximum results and the manufacturer has disclosed it fully.

It provides focus that lasts for greater durations, a clean energy charge through 390 milligrams of caffeine, as well as a 5g dose of creatine proven in clinics. Your muscles will grow rapidly and you’ll experience strength increase from the very first dose.


  • It really does provide the ultimate pump it boasts of – many users have reported destroying their workout records very easily after consuming this supplement for the first time.
  • The boost it provides does not go away quickly, with many people reporting that it lasted even after the workout.
  • Delivers excellent pumps and works for a long time (lesser chance of tolerance buildup)
  • Mixes well.


  • The boost it provides can become too much of a good thing for some people, who find it uncomfortable in that they can’t shake it off even after a workout so that they remain hyperactive for the rest of the day!
  • Taste has been criticized as rough and unpleasant by some people, although this is largely a matter of preference.

6. M.R.I. Black Powder

mri black powder ultraOne of the most powerful pre workout formulas out there, black powder pre workout, priced at around $40-$50, makes an impact at the same time as you consume its first dose. You will experience enhanced strength, incredible focus, improved muscular recovery, greater load lifting prowess as well as muscular development from the moment you start your workout.

In layman’s terms, this is a supplement which allows you to maximize your potential and move ahead of your personal bests. In addition to this, you also get a healthy muscle pump so you actually look as strong as the workout you just performed!


  • The claim of the product that it begins to have an effect from the very start is confirmed by users who say that within half an hour you experience a boost in energy.
  • It can be combined with a meal that was eaten one or two hours prior to its consumption.
  • It has been praised for its taste as well as the excellent muscle pump it yields.
  • No crashes or stomach problems.
  • Keeps working year after year, without giving you trouble with a tolerance buildup.


  • None reported by the majority of the customers.

7. Infinite Labs Juggernaut Hp 60 Serving

juggernaut x pre workoutJuggernaut pre workout, priced at around $30-$40 and manufactured by Infinite labs, is touted as the ideal supplement for taking before you begin your workout. It provides you with the motivation and energy to see your regime to the end.

The manufacturer’s unique formula is a combination of all the vital ingredients needed to make you achieve the boost that will result in the best workout session, regardless of whether you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete.


  • Provides a great pump.
  • Provides stead energy without excessive side effects commonly associated with pre-workouts.
  • Works tub after tub without causing a tolerance buildup which is also a common trait of many other pre-workout formulas.
  • Side effects such as bad stomach, itching sensation or queasiness are non-existent. The dreaded crash has also not been reported by most users.
  • One of the cheap pre workout supplements – excellent value for the money provided.
  • Praised for its flavor.


  • A few reports of the product having no effect and tolerance buildups.

8. Body Fortress Super Nos Blast Fruit Punch

body fortress nos blast ingredientsSuper nos pre workout provides a blast of energy, amazing endurance as well as focus that will fuel even the hardiest of workouts. A combination proprietary formulations, this supplement, priced at around $30-$40, boasts delivery of both ultimate energy and circulation of nutrients to your cells, all the while maintaining a great taste.

The blends present are Crea-Pump Blend (creatine for boosting strength, power and force as you work out), Vasogourge blend (contains L-Arginine for the formation and circulation of NO), Neuro-energy blend for boosting your focus and mentally prepping you for the workout, Nitromax blend containing all vital BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) that aid nitrogen levels in the body.


  • Lasting, clean energy.
  • Good taste.
  • Doesn’t cause the characteristic jitters.


  • Proprietary blend means you don’t know the amounts in which the ingredients are present, something that can be problematic for those with existing medical conditions.
  • Doesn’t work as fast as other products.

9. PurePump – Natural Pre-Workout Supplement

Cleanest Pre-Workout Powder Fitness Supplements Certified PaleoThis all natural pre workout, priced at $39.95, touts the supply of long lasting, clean energy without the typical crashing problem; improved strength and endurance of muscles; better focus; delayed muscle tiredness; quick recovery from a hard workout session; as well as a well-adjusted management of weight and a healthy body make up.

A highly noteworthy characteristic of this product is how it gets rid of the frequent problems exercisers have with their pre workouts – you won’t go through symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, elevated BP or nausea when you consume it.

Another strong point is the absence of sweeteners and artificial flavors, so it can be mixed with a juice of your choice. It also carries explicitly labelled ingredients so the concerned consumer has no trouble there either.


  • Complete absence of bloated artificial ingredients such as aspartame, dyes, sucralose. This goes very much against the market trend, but makes the product extremely popular with naturalists and one of the safe pre workout supplements in the market.
  • Delivers on the promised focus, energy, endurance, without using any questionable ingredients. Also provide excellent muscle pumps.
  • The clear label is also a break from marketing tradition (no ‘proprietary blend/formula’) so those who want to check the dosage before consuming it are able to do so.
  • Can be consumed with a variety of drinks such as lemon water, peppermint tea, ginger tea, oatmeal and so on, to suit your personal preference.


  • Because it is unflavored, it tastes very bad on its own, so you will have to mix it with a natural juice or similar beverage if you can’t bear a tasteless supplement drink.

10. GNC Beyond Raw Ravage

GNC Beyond Raw RavageBeyond Raw Ravage pre-workout by GNC, priced at $60, is a standard caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, l-arginine supplement that also carries several other ingredients. The thing which sets it apart from its competitors is its serving amount. One scoop is 20g, compared to the significantly smaller serving sizes of other brands.

One thing worth noting of this supplement is the duration of its efficacy. In many cases, the effectiveness wears out in a fortnight or so, but this product delivers excellent pumps, focus and endurance even a month after starting its use. This, without even having to increase your serving size!


  • Muscle pumps that last much longer than your average pre-workout.
  • Provides excellent endurance throughout your workout.
  • Provides very high level of mental focus so you are primed for an intense workout.
  • Doesn’t lead to a tolerance buildup, a problem that plagues many products – this one keeps working even a month later without having to increase the serving!


  • The $60 price tag is a bit high compared to other products, and there is also the fact that this product’s serving size is much larger. However, it should be remembered that most athletes usually take double or even triple servings of other products where for this one, just a single serving is sufficient per workout.
  • Hard to mix in water.
  • Taste is bad according to some users.