How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

From around the age of 30 onwards, a man’s levels of testosterone can start to decline. Testosterone is a hormone produced in your body, and it is seen as the “manly” hormone.

It plays a significant role in sexual function, muscle mass retention and gain and growth. It also does some less masculine sounding things, like maintaining the levels of your red blood cells and giving you that sense of “well-being.”

Testosterone Boost NaturallySo, it makes sense that as we age, we might start to lose our muscles mass and find it harder to gain muscle.

We also might experience a lower sex drive and feel a little bit rubbish about ourselves.

Understandably, many guys don’t want to start pumping their bodies full of synthetic testosterone products. Thankfully, there are some natural ways to raise testosterone levels.

Tips on how to produce more testosterone naturally

1. Shed those excess pounds

If you are carrying some additional weight, shedding those pounds is thought to help you increase your testosterone levels. If you are overweight, you are more likely to have lower levels of testosterone.

2. Get down the gym and lift some weights

testosterone boost by liftingI’m sure we have all heard that pumping iron at the gym will increase your levels of testosterone. You can practically breathe in a lungful of testosterone each time you enter the gym, right? Well, there is some truth behind this. If you increase the weight, you are lifting and lower the number of reps you are doing to increase your strength, and hopefully your testosterone.

3. High-intensity exercise training

High-intensity exercise training (or HIIT) has been shown to increase testosterone levels. HIIT involves going as hard and fast as you can for a short period, then recovering at a slower pace. You need to repeat this multiple times to gain the full effect. Keep working out to increase testosterone levels.

4. Up your consumption of zinc

Consuming plenty of zinc is one of the ways to boost testosterone. After upping your intake, results can be seen after just six weeks. Lots of us don’t consume enough zinc, so this could be a straightforward way of upping your levels of testosterone with minimal effort!

5. Work on your Vitamin D levels

So many of us don’t take in enough Vitamin D anymore. It is becoming a serious problem in the US, mostly because we don’t spend sufficient time outside these days. Upping your levels of Vitamin D has been shown to increase your levels of testosterone. So, get out and about to absorb some!

6. Take a mineral supplement

testosterone boost by ZMATaking a mineral supplement like ZMA may help to increase your levels. When taking ZMA, testosterone levels can be more easily maintained.

It is not a testosterone booster in itself, but it could help you keep up those levels.

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